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Cheeseburger pie, pina colada pie- Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pies cookbook

So let’s begin by saying that I am really new to the whole kitchen scene. I definitely fall into the rookie in the kitchen category. Before going on maternity leave my husband did all of the cooking as I didn’t have any … Continue reading

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Incredible and unforgettable books: The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

For the past number of months I have been reading the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon and I just can’t get enough. All of the books are hard to put down and once you finish one you can’t … Continue reading

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Favourite kids shows from the 80’s

Now that we have a 6 month old baby we are starting to watch cartoons and kids shows again. It is interesting to see that a few shows from when we were little have survived the test of time. The … Continue reading

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Celebrating a milestone birthday…as a mom

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday surrounded by my amazing family and friends.  As I get older, I appreciate even more the incredible people who are part of my life.  It makes getting older that much easier when you get to spend … Continue reading

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We left on a jet plane…with a 5 month old

We just returned from an incredible two-week vacation in Florida.  I am a terrible flyer.  I dislike every part of flying and am a nervous wreck the entire time that I am in the air.  So when we were planning … Continue reading

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Our top 10 favourite baby products for 0-5 months

Trying to decide what you need for your first-born child can be a very daunting task. My husband and I were so overwhelmed when we first went to Babies R Us. We didn`t know what we needed and what we could … Continue reading

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“Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving”- now that’s a must read

If you have tuned into the news week, I’m sure that you have heard about a trilogy of new books by E.L. James. These three books have been so popular that they simply can’t keep up with demand. A new … Continue reading

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Want to earn more air miles?

For those of us who used to just accumulate air miles strictly by going to the liquor store, I’m sure you’ve realized that by the time you are 95 you may have earned just enough to buy a gift card to … Continue reading

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A new way of thanking people for baby gifts

Before and after the arrival of our little girl we were overwhelmed with the incredible generosity of our family and friends. We are so fortunate to have received such beautiful gifts to welcome our new addition in to the world. … Continue reading

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Here we are…blogging!

My husband and I both like trying to new things. Usually this involves something such as bungee jumping or paragliding in the alps but as new parents we have had to cut down on our thrill seeker adventures (at least until our little … Continue reading

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