Celebrating a milestone birthday…as a mom

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday surrounded by my amazing family and friends.  As I get older, I appreciate even more the incredible people who are part of my life.  It makes getting older that much easier when you get to spend it with the people who mean so much to you .  Well that, and the fact that the evening ended with terrible dance moves and a ridiculous limbo competition made me feel young and reminded me that man I am a good limbo-er.  And then, one of my friends said, “you are going to be one of those embarrassing moms who bust out the retro dance moves that you think are hilarious but are totally not cool anymore”.  I’ve only been a mother for 5 months but I have officially joined the ranks of embarrassing mom dancers.  I may have the “mom” dance moves but I will never give in to wearing “mom” jeans.

For my birthday this year my parents gave me an incredibly thoughtful and unique birthday gift that I will have and cherish for the rest of my life. They bought me a beautiful silver ring with my daughter’s birthstone on it.  It is a gorgeous ring that will be worn on my pinky.  I love that I will have a constant reminder of my beautiful daughter with me wherever I go.  This was such a touching and thoughtful gift and I just love it. So for those trying to think of a gift for a new mom…this was just perfect.

This isn’t the exact ring but it has a similar design.

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