Want to earn more air miles?

The Air Miles program logo in Canada since 2009.

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For those of us who used to just accumulate air miles strictly by going to the liquor store, I’m sure you’ve realized that by the time you are 95 you may have earned just enough to buy a gift card to go to the movies.

As I would actually like to travel with my air miles, I have been researching new ways of adding more air miles to my account.

A few ways to get more air miles:

1) Switched your homephone to Primus to earn miles on each phone bill

2) Johnson insurance (car and home) gives air miles for having your insurance with them

3) Shopping at Metro and receiving their special offers via mail and e-mail and using those in the store give you tons of extra air miles.  It’s usually as simple as spend $50 get 25 bonus air miles

4) Sign-up for the air miles opinion surveys. I get a few surveys every week. They only take a few minutes and they provide me with a few bonus air miles every week. https://www.airmilesopinions.ca/index.php?id=19

5) If you are on online shopper, check and see if should be shopping through the air miles website to be earning points for each purchase. For example if you buy from Chapters/Indigo online, be sure to shop through air miles to earn extra miles on all purchases.

6) You can get an American express air miles credit card and then for each $20 you spend, you earn air miles.  Therefore if you put big purchases on your Amex then you can earn air miles really quickly.

7) If you need any hardware supplies, shopping at Rona gives you air miles as well.

By just doing a few of things, in a much shorter period I earned a lot more miles and flew both my husband and I across the country and back. So it does pay off to make a few different shopping choices in order to earn miles. And certainly, by continuing to shop at the liquor store and buying some of their bonus product offers you will also see the points accumulate faster.

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