A new way of thanking people for baby gifts

Pile of gorgeous gifts

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Before and after the arrival of our little girl we were overwhelmed with the incredible generosity of our family and friends. We are so fortunate to have received such beautiful gifts to welcome our new addition in to the world. Upon receiving the gifts we were sure to add all of the items into a notebook so that we could record the presents that people gave us. This was helpful both for writing thank you cards and also to keep as a reference so that we can look back and remember who gave us what.

In addition to keeping our reference book, I also decided to keep a record of the clothes that people gave us. On the inside of each article of clothing, I wrote the person’s name who gave it to us. So now, each outfit that was given to us as a gift has a name on the inside tag. When our daughter wears an outfit that was given to her we are sure to take a picture and send it as a thank you to the person who gave it to us. Or, if we are going to be seeing those people, i’m sure to dress her in the outfit that they gave her so that they can see it on her. If I buy clothes for someone’s baby, I love to see how the outfit looks on them so this was a handy little way for me to stay organized.

Another option is to add the picture to Facebook and tag that person in the picture so that everyone can see the beautiful outfit that they gave you.

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2 Responses to A new way of thanking people for baby gifts

  1. karinatano says:

    What a fab idea! I always can never remember who gave what! 🙂

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